Dream-Net Vision Board Workshop

It's the end of the year and it's time to acknowledge everyone that supported Dream-Net and welcome the community as we prepare to do a hard launch of Dream-Net Vision Board Workshop.

Event Hard Dates

Release Save The Date Flyer  - 12/18/20

Speakers Finalized - 12/21/20

Finalize Location - 12/21/20

Event Reminder  1 - 12/23/20

Event Reminder  2 - 12/24/20

Event Reminder  3 - 12/25/20

Event Reminder  4 - 12/26/20

Event Reminder  5 - 12/27/20

FB Event Live Group - 12/23/20

This year end of the year theme is:

"The Art of Making Dreams Come Alive". 

The Art of Making

Dreams Come


Save The Date Flyer

Flyer will be sent via email and uploaded here. The team will receive a link to this page so that everyone can download all marketing materials for this event.

Speakers Elevate An Events Presence

The Speakers for this event should be speakers that participated in the panel sessions 2020. 

Event Speakers

Your Comfort Is 

Important To The 

Vision Aligned. 

The selected platform must align well with what we do which is share our network.


Utilizing Your

Network To Host

Your Virtual Event

Let's tap into the Dream-Net network to host Dream-Net's Virtual event.

Dior The Lifestyle Curator

Investing In Your 

The Image of Your 


Araic will set in stone what's needed and the selected lifestyle curator will bring it to life. This includes production and set design as well as wardrobe direction if needed.

Ace Universal Studios

©️ 2020 Dream-Net Vision Board Workshop. Created by Its Araic.